Dusk Reboot! (2015) Edit

After years of the series end, I'm recreating it in the form of a light novel. The first part is already finished and I already like it much better than the original version. Some names have changed and the story of the Dusk organization is different. The original Dusk (Monster Hunters) is now referred to as Dawn, the counter-company to Dusk (Formerly known as the Vampire Union). I hope you enjoy it!

Legion Reboot! (2015) Edit

Legion is being redone one Empire's original wiki, with chapters 1-9 already posted of 7/9. The main character, formerly known as Alison, is now known as Harley Everred, who becomes the Captain of the now-famous Sapphire Titan, a ship half the size of the Emerald Behemoth. It takes a different approach at the original idea, which makes it darker, gorier, and overall better with character development. And if anyone thinks the beginning was rushes when reading it, that's because it was meant to be. Quick relationships and plot twists were necessary early on in order to give me the plot developments I needed to move the series forward. I hope you enjoy the reboot! You can find it at:

Welcome to the LegionAnime WikiEdit

This is a follow-up for the series Empire. This is also the home of the new anime series I'm working on "Dusk". Dusk is a fantasy-action anime with a lot of twists and turns. It is now home to the Anime fan-fiction, Naruto: Beta. It is a 250 episode series, and growing. This is very action packed from the start.

Dusk, Legion, and Naruto: BetaEdit

Legion was cancelled. It stopped at episode 25 and I don't plan on writing anymore for it. Dusk is the anime I'm working on currently and although the first three seasons were a little rocky, specifically 1st and 2nd seasons, the rest of the series, in my book, is good. The series finally gets a set goal, but still had it's signature twists. Just keep reading, and I'm sure you'd agree with me. Naruto: Beta is the untold story of Intuzuka Uchiha and Tazunai Uzumaki. It starts 35 years before the Naruto series' start. After a while, it skips to current time and is more of a side-story.

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